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Apple is a SuperStar! GemstonZ Red Delicious at Ivorilace, or Applepie as we call her, took a big fat 4 point major in York, PA[2012]. The second day in York , she was again WB. We are so proud of Apple and Kathy. Keep up the good work Girls!

Here's the official win shot of Apple in York, PA. March 2012.

"Coming soon, A written Tribute to Dave."

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This lovely little gal is Tweed, GemstonZ Diamond Tribute. This beautiful photo was taken at the Fredericksburg shows the first week in April 08'. We have so many great shots from the show weekend that we are thinking of dedicating a page to this lovely bitch. MANY MANY thanks to Mary-Susan Billingsley for this priceless photo!



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Gemstonz Cockers is a PROUD member of this fine club. We make a concerted effort to attend specialty shows sponsored by the ASC.